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A Happy Little Racoon Tale

A group of raccoons found the most perfect place to call home, the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club. Although there were no reports of vicious behavior and the raccoons posed no threat to the staff or visitors of the club, the director of the premises was not too keen on sharing the land with the raccoons and a plan was made to have an exterminator kill them.

The future was looking bleak for the little bandit-masked cuties, that is until some caring folks got wind of the plans and decided to spread the word.

Thanks to calls made to the club and the signing of petitions, the director decided to cancel the exterminator and the raccoons were spared any harm!

It turns out not only was humanity on their side, but so was science. Because of their species type, if the raccoons were executed they would only reproduce more in order to compensate, which would completely defeat the purpose.

It just goes to show you; sometimes nature has a way of pointing us in the right direction, leading us to kindness towards all creatures on earth.

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