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Gov. Sununu Endorses NH Animal Welfare Bill

Governor Sununu has officially endorsed SB 569-FN, a bill which would address animal cruelty in the Granite State, an issue that has become more direr with each passing year.

SB 569-FN proposes more efficient oversight of breeders, pet stores, and shelters, and enhances felony-level penalties for cruelties causing the severe injury or death of animals, while also relieving local humane societies and taxpayers the financial burden of covering the cost to care for animals seized as part of cruelty cases.

Gov. Sununu began expressing support of strengthening animal cruelty prevention on August 17, 2018, when he signed an executive order re-establishing the Governor's Commission on the Humane Treatment of Animals, following the seizure of over 80 Great Danes as part of a large-scale cruelty case involving a suspected, yet unlicensed breeder in Wolfeboro.

The Governor also released the following statement at that time, “Animal Cruelty will not be tolerated in New Hampshire. I am proud to revamp the Governor’s Commission on the Humane Treatment of Animals, making it easier for the Commission to recruit members, as well as expanding their duties to include tracking and promoting current legislation, which will allow them a voice in the legislative process. I look forward to working with the commission, advocates and legislators to pass commonsense legislation that protects animals, ensuring that the type of situation that took place in Wolfeboro never happens again.”

Acknowledging that the Wolfeboro Great Dane case was only one among numerous others, as well as additional problems NH faces involving animal cruelty, Senator Bradley introduced SB 569-FN to address these vital issues.

On February 6th, the first public hearing for SB 569-FN held by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the Governor's office signed-in supporting the bill.

Following that hearing, during the NH State of State address today, the Governor left no doubt of his endorsement of the bill stating, "We are working to ensure that the horrendous Great Dane situation in Wolfeboro never happens again by strengthening our animal cruelty laws. Senate Bill 569 is a critical piece of legislation, and you [legislators] need to get it on my desk."

SB 569-FN has strong bi-partisan support, which we can only hope will grow following Gov. Sununu's strong stance. According to reports, Senator Bradley praised that support and further stressed the importance of the bill stating, “Given the number of high profile animal cruelty cases, it is time that we strengthen our laws to better prevent the neglect of animals. I thank Governor Sununu and all of the organizations that have supported this initiative for their leadership in solving the problems that have occurred in New Hampshire over the past few years."

Click here for more details on SB 569-FN and go to the 'What Can I Do' section to learn how to reach out to your senator and urge their support.


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