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NH BESTIALITY BAN: One Step Closer to Taking Effect

What is HB 1547?

It is a bill that has been submitted into NH State Legislature that would legally ban bestiality in NH.

Is a Bestiality Ban Really Necessary?

Bestiality, most commonly defined as the sexual interactions of a human and an animal, is not only sexual violence against innocent animals, which often leads to the harm, maiming or death of an animal, but is often linked to other sex crimes, including those against children. NH is one out of only 10 states that do not currently have a bill banning bestiality. Due to the fact that bestiality is illegal in many other states, NH is becoming a prime location for sex offenders. This is one of the reasons that the bill is supported by Franklin NH’s Police Chief, David Goldstein, among other officers and detectives. So do we need a legal bestiality ban in NH? Yes, we most certainly do.

Bestiality Fact Sheet Here

Freedom and the NH State Motto

NH residents take great pride in our state motto, ‘Live Free or Die’ and rightfully so, although some use it as an objection to HB 1547 stating that NH should not have laws that limit the freedom of our people.

However, it is highly unjustifiable that the freedom of sexual interactions, harm, or abuse between humans and animals is included in the spirit of which our state motto is intended.

Although an individual’s sexual choices are private and we must not infringe on that privacy, if a person acting on those choices involves sex in which one party is incapable of confirming consent or refusing, that is not a ‘freedom’ that people have a right to, whether they believe the other party is inferior to themselves or not. At that point their sexual actions are no longer private, as they become a crime.

NH Farm Bureau Opposition

The Senate’s vote passing the bill comes despite opposition from the NH Farm Bureau, who expressed their concerns regarding insemination and husbandry practices. Although in a perfect world insemination would not be acceptable, as the procedure is extremely invasive and painful for the animals, for any hope of the bill passing NH State Legislature,

the bill clearly excludes the following:

(a) Accepted veterinary medical practices.

(b) Insemination of animals for the purpose of procreation.

(c) Accepted animal husbandry practices that provide necessary care for animals.

NH Farm Bureau’s Continued Objections

The above exclusions to the bill made the NH Farm Bureau’s continued objections, who went as far as to state that animal activists are going to use the bill as a weapon against farmers, seem convoluted and quite frankly, ridiculous. The bureau’s objections to the clean cut, logical and simple law banning sex with animals, is rather alarming.(1)

Making A Statement

Thankfully, the NH House and Senate were able to see past the Farm Bureau’s objections, driving a message home and that message is:

NH cares for it's residents, as well as the humane treatment of animals and we will no longer be used as a go-to state for sex offenders.

The Next Steps*

The bill unanimously passed both the NH House of Representatives and the State Senate. Both the House and Senate passed the bill with amendments, which slightly differ from each other.

Because the bill was passed by the House and Senate with differing amendments, those differences will have to be resolved before moving forward.

If the House and Senate do not both agree on the bill in identical form, it is possible that the bill could die and it would end there. However, because the bill passed both bodies unanimously, it is very possible that an agreement on the amendments will be made and that the bill will move forward, which is why it is important to start reaching out to Governor Hassan now.

1. Call NH Gov Maggie Hassan’s Office (603)271-21212.

2. Send Email to NH Gov Maggie Hassan

Be sure to print the web page or take a ‘Print Screen’ prior to submission, so that you have a copy of your email.

3. Sign NH Bestiality Ban Petition Here

4. Call Your Legislators

You may continue to reach out to your Senator and House Representatives and kindly urge them to come to an agreement. You may find them here.

Comments may also be mailed or faxed to Governor Maggie Hassan’s office. Click here for General Contact Information.

Communicate with Kindness and Clarity

Did you know that if you smile while talking, people can hear the difference in your voice? Although this is a serious matter, it is okay to smile when introducing yourself to a House Rep, Senator or Governor.

When explaining why HB 1547 Banning Bestiality is important to us as NH residents, whether it is because bestiality is a violent sex crime against innocent animals, bestiality is linked to sex crimes against people, that the lack of a current ban has increased the residency of sex offenders in our state, or all of the above, always remember to communicate that with kindness and clarity. Otherwise, our extremely important voices will be at risk of not getting heard, just like the voices of those that we are trying to protect.

Previous Bill Debate Info Here

Actual Bill (HB 1547-FN) Here

(1)Please note that although the NH Farm Bureau takes it upon themselves to state that they represent all farmers, this is not necessarily the case. You’re local farmer may or may not support House Bill 1547. Please do not hesitate to ask your local farm what their stance is.

*Update 6/01/16: The NH House and Senate have come to an agreement regarding the amendments of HB 1547. The bill requires that any person convicted of bestiality (as defined in the bill), shall be guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor for the first offense and a Class B Felony for the second offense. In addition, the convicted individual must also participate in appropriate counseling at his/her own expense and will be registered as a sex offender. The bill will hit Governor Hassan’s desk on or about, Monday June 6th, 2016. Any support that NH residents would like to show of the bill should be directed to Governor Hassan as shown above.

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