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NH House Committee Puts Vital Fish and Game Bill On Hold

Yesterday, The House Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee Voted Unanimously to Retain SB 48.

SB 48 would require a review of the stability, structure, and governing authority of the NH Fish and Game Department, providing the opportunity to evolve and broaden the Department's representation to include non-hunting residents, in addition to licensed hunters and anglers. This in turn, will provide much needed support to the Department from non-hunting residents, which make up the majority of the state.

What's Next

Although passing the bill would create a commission to review the Fish and Game only, and not implement any actual changes to the Department, the House Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee unfortunately wasn't in agreement with the bill as written, so over the next few weeks they will review possible amendments. StraightTwist will keep you up to date.

What To Do

We heard from the committee that 75% of the comments received were in support of the bill - Your input is working!

If you haven't already, please submit a comment to the committee to keep support of the SB 48 flowing.

Click here for more about SB 48 and view the 'What Can I Do' section to learn how to Email the Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee.

It is important to remember that SB 48 is supported by numerous New Hampshire residents, whether they are licensed hunters/anglers or not, because the bill would be beneficial to us all.

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