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Frequently Asked Questions

It's always better to ask than assume.

Learn more about Straight Twist by reading answers to the FAQ below.

  • To which political party is Straight Twist affiliated?
    Straight Twist always has and always will come from an independent point of view, along with the effort to consider all perspectives. ​ Animal welfare is an issue that falls far beyond party lines, and the more diversity we have among us as we put forth efforts towards safeguarding animals, the more successful we will be.
  • Is Straight Twist against hunting?
    Not necessarily. In a perfect world, animals would not be sacrificed for our consumption. Unfortunatley, that is not the world we're living in today. Therefore, as we strive to increase plantbased consumption, we simultaniusly have a goal of ensuring the most humane death as possible for animals who are consumed. When comparing an animal raised in a factory farm and suffering a slaughterhouse death, to a death in their natural environment from a fair-chase and a 'clean kill' by a skilled marksman, the latter is more humane. Straight Twist does not support any non fair-chase methods or those which cause unnecessary pain and suffering of an animal, such as use of aircraft, drones/live-action game cameras, trophy hunting, hounding, trapping (excluding humane use of live/catch and release traps), baiting, or killing animals while in hibernation.
  • Does Straight Twist support a vegan lifestyle?
    Straight Twist believes in a humane, environment, and health-conscious lifestyle. Meaning, a lifestyle in which one takes into account how animals and the environment are affected by what they are consuming, as well as personal health. Straight Twist comes from the perspective that ignorance is not bliss and in this day in age, not justifiable. Lifestyle choices are the prerogative of each individual, however, to make well-rounded decisions, one must first gain thorough insight about the products they consume. One may gain such insight by doing online research. Excellent resources are provided by documentaries and investigations, as opposed to directly from a manufacturer. Many have found the documentary Earthlings to be very informative, which you may watch here, free of cost. If one was to believe the content is too graphic, that in itself is telling. There is no such thing as a perfect lifestyle. However, open-mindedness and willingness to learn the facts about the products we consume will lead us to the closest thing to it.
  • Is Straight Twist funded by animal welfare or political organizations?
  • How do I use Straight Twist to help animals?
    Straight Twist has multiple Legislation pages; 'All Legislation' and 'NH' (New Hampshire) specific. The NH pages are separated by year and are regarding New Hampshire legislation only, while the All Legislation page includes some other states, along with federal legislation. Straight Twist currently focuses primarily on the NH Legislature, but has a goal to incorporate more federal and out-of-state coverage. Many articles posted on those pages include information regarding a current animal welfare issue and applicable legislation that is under review by US or local government. The NH Legislation pages also provide a detailed, inside look into public hearings regarding local legislation, including the statements and actions of our current legislators. This information is extremely valuable for those who cannot attend public hearings regarding animal welfare and want to know the details of a certain bill, what the status on it is, and whether or not their legislators are appropriately representing them. What Can I Do? Some of those articles will also include a 'What Can I Do' section. The 'What Can I Do' section provides a step by step guide on how to help support or oppose legislation depending on the issue at hand. Those steps often consist of emails or calls that you can make to reach out to our legislative leaders and urge their support or opposition accordingly. Sometimes actions will also include submitting vocal or written testimony at local hearings. Not Sure of Contact Information, Where To Go, or What To Say? No worries. Representative and senator names, hearing locations, room numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, as well as an example of what you can say are also often included. Testimony Tips General information on how to submit testimony or email comments to a local house representative, senator or committee may be found here. General Animal Tips & Insight The Tips and Insight page provides insight on everything from what to do if you witness animal cruelty, pet training, a humane lifestyle, animal exploitation, hunting methods, and wildlife disease reduction, to pet disaster preparedness, and much needed happy animal stories. News The News page provides an inside look into NH animal welfare legislation hearings and the statements of our legislators, updates on important NH bills, light local and national animal welfare news, occasional important notices and sucess stories. You will often see the same articles on the News page, as on other pages, such as the Legislation pages. Strength Comes In Numbers - Hit the Share Button Spreading awareness is at the heart of animal welfare and sharing information with family, friends and co-workers makes a huge impact. Stay Up To Date Be sure to check Straight Twist frequently for the most recent animal welfare articles posted. Facebook Action Alerts You may also follow Straight Twist's Facebook page to keep an eye out for Action Alerts.
  • Why can't I comment on Straight Twist's articles/posts?
    Straight Twist shares articles/posts in two ways; on the website and on Facebook. Website The website host Straight Twist used to create does not allow comments on articles unless those wishing to comment create an online membership with first. Straight Twist does not wish to force those who visit the website into creating a membership, so the option to comment has been turned off to prevent that membership requirement from popping up when those attempt to make comments; hence the statement "Commenting is disabled on this post" at the bottom of each article. Straight Twist reached out to the website host and requested allowance of comments without a membership, and that is something that the host is considering. In the meantime, users (who are not banned) are free to post comments on the Facebook post in which articles have been shared. Facebook The Straight Twist Facebook page is a public page, which means Straight Twist cannot prevent users from commenting on posts unless that user is banned from the page entirely, which Straight Twist very rarely does. If you are unable to comment on a particular Facebook post and do not believe you've been banned, you may contact Straight Twist. If it's confirmed that it's not an issue on Straight Twist's end, it's recommended that you resolve it through Facebook directly. When clicking into an article via a link that was posted on Facebook, that leads you to the article/blog post, which is on the actual Straight Twist website. Once there, the information above ('Website') becomes applicable.
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