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5 Reasons Why Christina Fay’s Testimony Added Up To Guilty

Sitting in the courtroom listening to Christina Fay's testimony was challenging, and it certainly wasn't only because the benches were hard and the room often dipped from hot to cold. It was the lives of over 70 Great Danes that was on the line and after hearing strong evidence of the horrific conditions they were living in, the Defendant's testimony sounded as weak as an amateurs bluff at a poker table. Fay's testimony was illogical, contradictory and lacked evidence.

A recent 'tell-all' article, published by the Concord Monitor, depicting Fay's side of the story, further solidified that if her disjointed words were to add up to anything, it was going to be guilty.

1. Lies

During testimony and in the recently published article, Christina Fay continued to call the testimony against her lies, and the evidence misleading, yet was misleading at best while on the stand herself.

Two former employees of the Defendant testified that the mansion was consistently in the same deplorable conditions as it was found on June 16th, the date of the seizure. However, according to Fay, the mansion was perfectly clean the night before. She testified that the reason for the multiple layers of caked on feces and urine reeking of eye-watering ammonia existed because she hadn't had a chance to clean the mansion as she normally would before the police arrived at approximately 8:30 am. And she implied that she had proof.

On day six of the trial, the Defense displayed a picture of a 'clean room' in the mansion, which Fay referred to as 'the other side of the kitchen.' That kitchen being the one that former employee, Annie-Rose Newell, testified had counters oozing with chicken juice and floors stained with feces during her day working at the mansion on May 2nd.

The Defendant testified that Annie-Rose Newell has a case of the "make me ups", and that Annie was lying. She then claimed that the picture of the 'clean side of the kitchen' was taken the morning of the seizure stating, "This is exactly how it looked at ten past eight on June 16th, 2017..."

Fay claimed that the clean area was deliberately excluded from evidence in an attempt to distort the truth.

That testimony seemed almost slightly convincing, until approximately two and a half hours later, when she admitted on the stand that the 'clean picture' was actually taken by a friend, on June 19th; three days after the seizure took place, providing plenty of time for the room to be cleaned beforehand.

2. According To Christina Fay, Single Litters and Puppies That Die Don't Count

Also on day six of the trial, the number of litters Fay's dogs birthed was discussed, to determine how much breeding she was doing, as well as the treatment of the dogs.

The Defendant initially testified that her dogs only gave birth to two litters in 2016. However, after the Prosecution pointed out the fact that it was eleven litters based on her own records for the dogs, she admitted that was the truth.

Fay then attempted to disregard single litters stating, "Singletons, that really doesn't make it a litter", as if the lives didn't count when the mother only gave birth to one puppy. She also dismissed five puppies that were born among a litter of six, stating, "only one survived", implying those lives didn't count towards a litter because they died following birth.

3. Attempted Excuse For Dead Puppy Found In Garbage Bag

In the 'tell-all' article, her explanation for the fact that a dead puppy was in a garbage bag in her garage, was that it was only 7 ounces, blind and deaf, and in her own words, "It was basically unformed, a runt", tells a very clear picture of how much she valued the lives of those animals.

4. In The Business of Breeding For Profit

Fay is the owner of 'De La Sang Monde Great Danes LLC', the business for which she breeds and sells Great Danes. The Defendant asserted she is not a breeder and was not in the business to make a profit, stating, "I don't like breeders" and "I never referred to myself as a breeder."

However, about one-half hour into cross-examination by the Prosecution, evidence was entered proving that 'De La Song Monde Great Danes LLC' was registered with the NH Secretary of the State. The principal business purpose, as described based on her registration application reads, "Plan to breed and sell and kennel Great Dane dogs and offspring for a profit."

Fay stated, "I don't pay a lot of attention to this kind of stuff..." and that it was an employee of hers, Jess Merrill that filed that registration application. An employee that Fay also claimed during testimony is unstable and has physiological issues.

5. 100% Control Equals 100% Responsibility

Fay had 100% control over how many dogs she possessed and admitted in the 'tell-all' article that 75 dogs wasn't 'ideal' for her to handle, yet according to trial testimony, continued to bring additional dogs into that unfit living environment despite that.

Unfair Treatment

The article also mentions the Defendant believes the way she was portrayed was "unfair." It makes one wonder if those Great Danes could talk, whether they would say she treated them fairly. Based on evidence entered by the prosecution and defense, as well as witness testimony, including her own, it's beyond a reasonable doubt that they wouldn't.

Photo: (above left) Christina Fay, Todd Bookman/NHPR,

(above right) Great Dane, Martin Tajmr, dog was not involved in the Wolfeboro case

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