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A Check in the Win Column for NH Bobcat Season Opposition

After months of debate regarding the controversial NH bobcat hunting/trapping season, the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules has voted to object to the proposal as submitted by the NH Fish & Game Commission.

According to the NH JLCAR the proposal is in violation of the Endangered Species Act.

The endangered species of course being the bobcats very similar looking feline friend, the Canada Lynx, who’s most primarily noticeable differences between itself and the bobcat are only it’s slightly longer ear tufts and shorter tall. The traps laid out during the proposed NH bobcat season would be in lynx territory, putting the endangered species at risk.

Canada Lynx / Bobcat, Travel For Wildlife
Canada Lynx / Bobcat, Travel For Wildlife

It seems even the animals themselves have found a way to rise up against the NH Fish & Game’s proposal today and the opposition couldn’t be happier.

This certainly provides a burst of hope for those against the proposal, who have continued their advocacy of the NH bobcat, even after it’s grim turn when the NH Fish & Game Commission approved the season despite the undeniable opposition by the majority of NH residents, which included scientists, biologists, land conservationists, non hunters and licensed hunters alike.

The NH Fish & Game Commission has 45 days to respond to the objection or withdraw their proposal. If they were to withdraw the proposal this objection does not prevent the commission from drafting and submitting a new NH bobcat season proposal again in the future.

The JLCAR has stated if the NH Fish & Game Commission was to amend the current proposal adding the use of any type of lynx exclusion device, their objection would most likely still stand due to the amount of lawsuits in other states that currently allow bobcat seasons, who have been putting the lynx at great risk with or without lynx exclusion devices.

According to the Humane Society the JLCAR has also sent the proposal back to the legislature to report on the merits of the season.

So the war of the NH Bobcat Season rages on between the NH Fish & Game Commission and the residents who speak on behalf of the beautiful cat. We may not yet have won the war, but we certainly won a huge battle and are feeling pretty darn good today.

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