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A Happy Story of Lucky the Chihuahua and Little Girl Lacey

Lucky (left) with Lacey Diaz (right) Charrollton, TX. Image Source: Dallas News/Jae S. Lee

A four month old Chihuahua was found in a parked truck at Home Depot by a Carrollton, TX police officer when the owners of the dog were arrested for switching price-tags at the store, on February 18th.

The little Chihuahua was barely breathing and was almost completely lifeless due a heroin overdose. He was taken into custody by Carrollton Animal Services and rushed to an emergency pet clinic where they hoped he would recover.

And that he did! With help from the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic, he went from lifeless to Lucky, which is the very fitting name given to the sweet pup.

Not only did he make a full recovery, but he has found a forever family and special friend; a little girl named Lacey.

Once Lucky was recovered, he was put up for adoption in hopes to find him a loving family. Lacey Diaz (age 5) and her family went to the city's animal adoption center to see who would win the center's special adoption lottery for Lucky. When the actual winner of the lottery saw how much Lacey wanted the little dog, he gave up is winning ticket and let her and her family take him home.

As for the former owners of Lucky, Nina Crawford (age 38) and Thomas Romero (age 46) of Carrollton, Texas, they currently remain where many believe they deserve to be; behind bars in Dallas County Jail for possession of heroin among other charges.

It is wonderful to see so many individuals working together to save the life of this dog, that alternatively, had an extremely low chance of survival. Law enforcement, the local pet clinic and residents all worked together in rescuing this pup, healing him, and finding his forever family.

You just can't get better then that.

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