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GOOD NEWS! Florida Suspends Black Bear Hunt For Minimum of 2 Years

Following a black bear hunt in 2015, in which over 300 black bears were killed in two days as a result of an asserted attempt to reduce bear-human conflicts, Florida's Fish and Wildlife Commission made the decision not to repeat the controversial hunt for at least another two years.

Those in support of the hunt claimed the hunt should be based on science and not the public's emotional option.

However, all Florida residents should have an equal say in the decision-making regarding their state's wildlife, and not only did the majority of Florida residents make it clear that they do not want the hunt, but they also have science on their side.

It has been scientifically proven that bear baiting can increase bear-human conflict, by luring bears closer to the public, boosting bears interest in human food/trash, and providing them with an over-abundant food source that they normally would not have, which increases the overall bear population in time.

Regardless, a survey completed this past November showed that 43% of Florida residents are opposed to the bear hunt and those kinds of numbers just cannot be ignored.

The time provided during the suspension will allow for further research on a bear management program, which includes non-lethal methods to prevent bear-human conflict.

This was an intelligent, responsible, and humane decision which appropriately represents the majority of Florida people, and you simply cannot beat that.

We can only hope that more states will follow in Florida's footsteps when it comes to similar matters regarding our wildlife.

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