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Good News! Governor Sununu Declared February Spay and Neuter Awareness Month

It was so soon after the January elections that he hadn't even had time to settle into his new office, yet Governor Sununu still took the time to help the animals of New Hampshire, on February 23rd.

After making a few lighthearted jokes about his office's bare walls, followed by some friendly discussion regarding his interest in animal welfare, and his family's potential upcoming cat adoption, Sununu got to work.

And it was work that certainly needed doing.

Although domestic animals have provided irreplaceable companionship to families within an estimated 65% of homes in the United States, including 550,000 households in New Hampshire, 2.4 million healthy and adoptable cats and dogs are put down in animal shelters every year.

This overwhelming and eyeopening number is due to lack of resources and public awareness, as well as the high 90% of animals living in poverty, and the 98% of feral and stray cats within New Hampshire's communities that are not neutered or spayed.

However, animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, and residents, in New Hampshire, across the nation and all over the world, put forth incredible efforts to ensure the spaying or neutering of tens of thousands of pets and stray cats every February on "World Spay Day."

All of which is acknowledged within the official proclamation, fittingly declaring February Spay and Neuter awareness month in New Hampshire, which the Governor signed with sincerity, in vibrant blue ink.

It's wonderful to see leadership acknowledge the importance of awareness regarding this animal welfare issue in New Hampshire.

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