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Good News! NH Legislators Support US Bill Protecting Domestic Violence Victims - Animals and Humans

The Pet and Women's Safety Act of 2017 (PAWS Act) protects victims of domestic violence and their pets, by providing support to shelters that open their doors for those fleeing from domestic abuse and who do not want to leave their pets behind.

The bill also expands federal protection to include the pets belonging to victims who have protection/restraining orders against abusers.

Reports show that up to 83% of women seeking shelter from domestic violence report that their partners had injured or killed a family pet, or threatened to do so. Too often such abuse and threats prevent victims from gaining the sanctuary that they and their beloved pets need.

A big Thank You to our NH legislators for using their leadership to co-sponsor this vital bill that offers a solution to that problem, and will greatly impact those who are desperately seeking safety from violence:

NH Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter

NH Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster

NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen

NH Senator Maggie Hassan

What To Learn More?

Follow the link below for more on how the PAWS Act can help the people and pets of America.

Not From NH and Want Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor the PAWS Act?

Follow the Link above and go to the What Can I Do section to learn how to reach out to your congressperson and senators now.

It takes as little as one 5 min phone call to change the lives of countless US victims of domestic abuse.

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