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Good News! NH Senate Passes Bill Requiring Review of the Fish & Game Dept.

SB 48 was passed by the Senate unanimously this morning and NH residents are one step closer to equal representation by the Fish and Game Commission.

SB 48, a bill which would require a review of the efficiency, financial stability and governing authority of the NH Fish and Game, will also provide the long awaited potential of incorporating the representation of NH residents and stakeholders that enjoy our states valued wildlife through non-hunting/non-fishing activity.

This unanimous vote provided bi-partisan support within the Senate, and the bill is also supported by many Land and Wildlife Conservation Organizations, as well as Non-Hunters and Hunters alike.

We're Not Done Yet

SB 48 will now be on its way to the NH House of Representatives and will need your support more then ever.

StraightTwist will keep you posted on when and how you can help.

A big thank you to all who reached out to your Senators regarding support of SB 48. Today's victory is proof that your voice makes a difference!

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