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Good News! Senate Committee Votes Against Horse Slaughter in the US.

The US Senate Appropriations Committee passed an amendment today, which prevents the opening of horse slaughter plants in the United States, by defunding USDA Inspections of horse slaughter.

This comes after the House Appropriations Committee voted in favor of horse slaughter on July 12th.

Now the Senate and House will have to battle it out, and although there's still room for defeat, the Humane Society of the United States points out that the outlook is good; the House Committee's vote was weak and nearly split down the middle at 27-25, where as the Senate's was a vocal vote which was very strong, being unanimous or close to it.

A big Thank You to New Hampshire's own US Senator, Jeanne Shaheen who co-sponsored today's victorious amendment.

Updates will be posted as they become available. In the meantime, there is work left to be done in our fight to protect US horses and burros.

1. Find Your House Representative Here

2. Find Current HR 133 Co-Sponsors Here

3. If Your Representative Is Missing Off That List:

Call your House Representative and urge them to support HR 113 - Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2017, which would ban horse slaughter for human consumption in the United States, as well as export for slaughter aboard.

4. Calls Are Paramount, however, you may also urge support via this link.

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