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Good News! US House Passes Amendment, Prohibiting Tax-Funded VA Dog Experiments For 1 Year

Last night Appropriations Bill HR 3219, which included the 'PUPPERS Act' Amendment, Preventing Unkind and Painful Procedures and Experiments on Respected Species Act of 2017, was passed by a voice vote in the US House.

Although this amendment will not prevent all animal experiments conducted at Veteran Affairs' medical research facilities, it will prohibit those 'classified to pain category D or E by the Department of Agriculture (USDA),' which are some of the most significantly painful and distressing tests that the VA has been using on dogs.

Not only is this a success for animals, but it also reduces spending of taxpayer funds on outdated experiments, that have been proven to be unnecessary for years.

This success will provide a burst of motivation as we work towards ending cruel and needless animal experimentation and replace it with the cutting-edge, humane and most efficient methods, that keep us and animals safe.

According to reports, the word from legislators is that they received many calls regarding this amendment yesterday, proving that your advocacy truly makes a difference!

Although we can certainly celebrate this common-sense and compassionate battle won, there is still work to do to protect laboratory animals from futile and torturous testing.

The PUPPERS Act Amendment was to Appropriations Bill HR 3219, which means it will prevent such testing for a period of one fiscal year.

Luckily, Republican Rep. Dave Brat (VA), along with five bipartisan co-sponsors, also introduced HR 3197, PUPPERS Act of 2017, which is the same as the PUPPERS Act Amendment, but will prohibit the VA from conducting those egregious dog experiments for good.

1. Find Your House Representative Here

2. Check Co-Sponsor List Here

3. If Your Rep. Is Missing From That List:

Call your Congressperson and urge their support of HR 3197, PUPPERS Act of 2017.

Example: "My name is (your name), from (town) and I am calling to urge Representative (Rep. name) to support HR 3197, PUPPERS Act of 2017, which prohibit egregious and unnecessary taxpayer-funded dog experiments."

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