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Helping Animals During Hurricane Harvey and Pet Emergency Preparedness

Animal rescue teams, disaster response groups, police and fire departments do all in their power to save tied-up and abandoned animals in flooded areas, but despite their tireless and heart-filled efforts, too many times, they've been too late.

Lost lives can be avoided by refraining from tying animals up or leaving them behind during emergencies and severe weather.

According to reports, Hurricane Harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm but is still causing 80mph winds and up to 40 inches of rain in parts of Texas.

The National Hurricane Center is warning that the hurricane is "Producing Catastrophic and Life-Threatening Flooding."

In preventative efforts, the HSUS Animal Rescue Team started working with local officials and emergency management offices to help evacuate animals, share pet-friendly shelter information with the public and assist local shelters with coordinating response options, on Friday.

The SPCA of Texas reported that they took in 123 cats from Corpus Christi on August 25th, they're prepared to take in a total of 300 animals at a time, and the Atlanta Humane Society jumped in to help transport animals from the SPCA to help open up space for more. Both organizations are ensuring medical assistance is provided to the animals when necessary.

Police Departments are also sending messages far and wide to prevent unnecessary deaths from chaining up animals during this time.

Police in Montgomery County, TX reminded residents that it is illegal to leave a dog chained or tied up during extreme weather or between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am

Chief Stephen Carlisle, from the Roman Forest Police Dept. stated,"I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog in extreme weather conditions. Dogs are your family members, too."

1. Spread The World

Please share this post to remind others that chaining/tying up, or leaving our animals behind during emergencies is handing out a death sentence to beloved family companions that count on us to protect them from harm.

2. Donations

For those who would like to make donations, you may follow these links:

SPCA of Texas here

HSUS Animal Rescue Team here

4. Thank The Roman Forest Police Dept.

The Roman Forest Police Dept. shared an eye-opening and informative FB post regarding the chaining of animals, which you may share or comment on to thank them for protecting animals by sharing paramount information and enforcing the law.

5. Learn Pet Disaster Preparedness

Learn how to prepare a pet disaster kit, secure evacuation plans, and of certain products that could mean the difference of live and death for you and your pet here.

6. TX Animal Rescue and Shelter, and FAQ

If you are in TX and you, your animal, or an animal shelter is in need of emergency rescue, please contact 911 or 211. To secure a safe location for animals call 211. More info and link to FAQ's found here.

Photo Above: Picture captured of dog chained to a porch during Houston's Memorial Day flood in 2015, Phil Archer,


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