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Ivanka Trump’s Fur Beanie Is Not A Good Look

It’s looking like the Trump sons aren’t the only children from the Trump family that are on the wrong side of the battle for the humane treatment of animals, daughter Ivanka has now joined fold.

Back in 2012, the Internet was flooded with pictures and news reports regarding the Trump son’s African trophy hunt. Eric and Donald Jr. went on a guided African safari killing several animals, which among others included a leopard, an elephant and a crocodile. Although Forbes and other magazines made efforts to defend them, commenting that the hunt was not illegal, the meat of the animals was eaten by the African people and that the animals were not endangered, many people are simply not buying it.

It seems as though providing the meat of the animals to people was a rather weak shield to hide their desired trophy hunt behind. Clearly, the Trump family has plenty of resources at their disposal and ways in which they can go about helping the people of Africa.

Although African Elephants and African Leopards are not technically considered endangered at this time, the species could be headed in that direction. The IUCN Red List of Endangered Species lists the African Elephant as “Vulnerable” and African Leopard as “Near Threatened”, with the current trend of the leopard species on a decline. It also lists that some of the major reasons for the vulnerable elephant status are poaching and illegal hunting, with the leopard suffering from loss of habitat and also by those hunting for trade. The assessments for both animals were completed in 2008, prior to the Trumps trophy hunt.

Ivanka, rekindling that fire, has recently introduced yet another animal threatening and international business to the Trump family, the fur trade.

If an animal is to be humanely hunted by a true marksman and harvested for food, of course we would want to use each and every part of that animal for the good. This makes sense morally as well as economically. However, this is not what is being done in the fur trade business.

There have been numerous legitimate investigations providing indisputable evidence, including photographs and video footage, revealing the horrible truth of the fur trade business. Animals such as rabbits, are beaten, tied up and often skinned alive for their fur, all in the name of fashion. It is also proven that fur isn’t necessarily the most efficient material to keep people warm and dry. Yes fur is natural, but it is natural on the animals that are born with it. Fur doesn’t provide the same warmth and protection on people as it does animals. Synthetic materials are strong, water resistant and wind resistant and are actually far more superior. Do you know any Navy Seals or Army Rangers that wear fur to stay warm while on active duty? No one does, because they don’t. If America was to completely remove all factories and solely live off of the land that would be one thing, in this day in age however, the claims that fur is the best and warmest material to be used for coats is simply old fashioned and quiet frankly, not a valid point anymore.

Ivanka first entered the fashion world with a jewelry line in 2007, then followed up with accessories and a clothing line between 2011 and 2012. The line includes leather shoes, handbags, coats and clothing. With the approval of many, several of Ivanka’s coats have faux fur. Although she does have leather shoes and handbags, which many may not purchase, at least the faux fur was a step in the right in the direction. It made some believe that perhaps it was a positive impact on the fashion industry and that there was hope to change those leather items to quality faux materials in the future as well.

However, that warm and fuzzy feeling of hope for the future was unfortunately crushed, when it was discovered that one of her garments is made with genuine fur.

Many of Ivanka’s products are sold by Nordstrom, a business that one can confirm quickly by viewing their websites, sells genuine fur items, such as a “Genuine Mink Fur & Genuine Goat Fur Bag Charm” (because that’s necessary in life), as well as as the “Wool Blend Cape with Genuine Rabbit Fur Trim”, in addition to many other items.

Ivanka’s own clothing line includes a “Genuine Rabbit Fur Pom Cable Knit Beanie”. On the Nordstrom Rack website, the beanie is described as having a cable knit (acrylic) construction and a genuine rabbit fur trim, originating from China. China of course, is well known for its inhumane and brutal fur trading business.

Neither Ivanka nor the Trump campaign have yet to make public comments regarding this, which is most likely due to the fact that regardless of what Ivanka says, there really is no way for her to weasel out of this one.

If she claims she was unaware that her garment(s) have genuine fur, that is not going to be a very believable claim, as certainly one would have to be aware of the fact their business is purchasing materials from foreign countries.

If she truly didn’t know however, as ludicrous of a claim that would be, what type of businesswomen would that make her? Not a very good one. If the Trump family knows anything, it is that one must be on top of every aspect of their companies at all times.

If she claims she was aware of it, but did not care, she will then be hit with major backlash, especially from those who purchase her coasts because of the fact that they are faux, as those customers might have been under the impression that they were financially supporting a business that does not contribute to the fur trade.

If Nordstrom made a mistake and incorrectly listed the product description and the beanie in reality does not have genuine fur, I believe it goes without saying that any businesswomen would provide solid proof of that fact, discontinue any and all business with them and also consider a lawsuit.

Either way, from a business standpoint, especially regarding your business’s ethics and marketability, it makes absolutely no sense to have some of your products include genuine fur and some that are made of faux fur or even have your items sold by a company such as Nordstrom, that also sells both. You can only ride that line and attempt to please everyone for so long. Most likely, those who buy genuine fur do so only for appearances sake and would not be caught dead wearing anything faux and those who are humane conscience are not going to want to contribute to a business that sells fur at all. It’s time to pick a future for your products Ivanka, either sell your soul and continue to fuel the fur trade business or use your power for good, be a leader, and take the higher ground.

Donald Trump on the other hand, claims not to be a trophy hunter himself and it is true that we cannot necessary control our children, especially once they have become adults and have chosen how to live their own lives. However, Trump constantly talks about the fact that we must improve America. Does he not realize a huge part of that is the way in which we instill morals and humanity in our children as they grow?

Not only do his sons pay foreign hunting guides to kill magnificent animals that are teeter-tottering on the line of vulnerability for trophies, but his daughter is turning her head away from the rabbits that are being skinned alive so she can sell beanies. All of which also financially supports foreign countries with Trump’s precious American dollar.

Overall, this is not a very good look for Ivanka’s clothing line, on her as a businesswoman or even on the Trump campaign. Not only in the eyes of the major growing population in America who demand high standards for the humane treatment of animals, but also in the eyes of many who believe that we should not be financially supporting other countries.

1. Click here for more information on the Fur Trade, Sign the HSUS Fur Free Pledge and learn other ways that you can help.

2. Send Petition Email via the Animal Petition website. Click here

3. Email Ivanka Trump directly and kindly explain why you feel she should not sell genuine fur items:

4. Send an email to Nordstrom and kindly urge them to discontinue the sale of genuine fur items:,

5. You may also kindly send Nordstrom your thoughts and feedback by clicking here.

You may click here to view the actual garment on the Nordstrom Rack website - Please note once the garment sells out, the item may no longer be viewable.

Click here to view more photos from the Trumps African hunt - Please note that the images are graphic.

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