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NH Great Dane Case: Defense Issues Desperate Press Release

Yesterday, Christina Fay's Defense Attorney, Kent Barker, issued a press release stating a third dog, seized as part of the Wolfeboro Great Dane case, has passed away.

Christina Fay of Wolfeboro, NH was arrested on June 16th and was charged with two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, leading to the seizure of over 70 Great Danes from horrendous living conditions on her property.

A large residential property, that was apparently turned out of a beautiful New Hampshire mansion, into a suspected puppy mill full of feces, urine, insect-infested raw chicken and suffering Great Danes.

Twelve additional misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty were filed against Fay on September 5th, which include the deprivation of the necessary care or sustenance of many dogs while in the defendant's possession or custody, by not treating or inadequately treating several different types of infections, as well as body sores and ulcerations, and the lack of availability of water.

Several of the dogs suffered eye, ear, and papilloma infections, as well as foot dermatitis, conjunctivitis and body sores.

Since the seizure in June, the dogs have been cared for at an emergency shelter prepared and paid for by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

On August 31st, the HSUS confirmed that, "...there were two puppies who, despite 24 hour supervision and all efforts being exhausted to treat them, were humanely euthanized after it was determined they were suffering from an untreatable condition."

Since then, another of the Great Danes has passed away, which the DA, Kent Barker, shared in his recent press release.

Today, the HSUS posted the following response, "The Great Dane who passed away on Sept. 20 left our veterinarians, staff and volunteers heartbroken, but we are also grateful that she was under loving care and passed in a clean and enriched living environment. We have authorized a complete necropsy, but as this case is ongoing we cannot comment further."

A loss of a dog, who are our best friends and family members, is a tragic event, which indeed is the disheartening situation regarding the life that was lost on September 20th.

Our first instinct is to feel sadness for the dog that passed and extend condolences to the owner. In this particular case, however, it is challenging for many residents to offer the latter.

Although we do not know the loss the defendant may be feeling, many can't help but see this press release as a desperate ploy to save face, draw sympathy for the accused and create controversy regarding the current care of the dogs while the case is pending.

The injuries, illnesses, psychological and physical ailments of those Great Danes is a direct result of the abuse and neglect they endured while living under the defendant's care and custody.

The defendant has attempted to regain access to the dogs, control over their medical treatment, and have them relocated to a property of her choice. Those requests have not been granted by the court. However, an agreement was made allowing the defendant to have a representative observe the dogs, which of course, will occur at the HSUS emergency shelter.

A hearing is scheduled in early October to address several additional motions filed by the defense, which will be followed by the trial currently scheduled for October 25th.

(Photo Credit: Photo still, Great Dane Case Video/HSUS)

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