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NH Robbery Leaves Animal Shelter’s Food Shelves Bare - Donations Welcomed

Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire (Bedford, NH), was robbed last night leaving the food shelves bare. The door leading into the Pet Food Pantry was ripped right off the hinges and over 500 lbs of dry dog and cat food were stolen, including 15 lbs of dog treats.

Founded in 1902, the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire has dedicated over 100 years to not only providing shelter for homeless animals, but also ‘improving animal welfare in our communities by helping pets and the people who care for them.’

The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire, which receives no state or federal funding and is almost entirely dependent upon donations, was awarded the Nonprofit Business of the Year by Business NH Magazine in 2012 and Best of NH winner in 2015.

As part of their mission to help owners, they provide temporary assistance to people who are struggling to feed their pets via their Pet Food Pantry.

Luckily, no pets have been reported injured or stolen. However, this robbery not only leaves the shelter with no food for their outreach Pet Food Pantry program, but they now are struggling to feed animals that they are providing much needed shelter for. The rescue league welcomes any possible food or monetary donations to restock their shelves and help repair the damaged doors.

1. Donate Dry Dog Food, Dry Cat Food and/or Dog Treats today (Sun March 20th until 5pm or after 9am tomorrow).

2. Make Monetary Donation by clicking on the Red Donation Button on their website.

3. Immediately Report Any Information Regarding the Robbery to the Bedford Police Department: 603-472-5113

More Information on the Animal Rescue League of NH

Animal Rescue League of NH is a limited admission shelter, meaning they do Not euthanize animals for reasons regarding time or space. They will humanely euthanize animals with severe medical or behavioral issues compromising their quality of life.

They are also an active partner of Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organization dedicated exclusively to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters.

Facebook Page Here

Website Here

Best Friends Animal Society Here

Donning her special St. Patrick's Day bandanna, Mocha is currently living at the shelter of Animal Rescue League of NH where she awaits her forever family.

A huge thank you to anyone willing to make a donation to this rescue league, which has dedicated years to helping the people and animals of our NH communities.

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