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NH Senate Passes Animal Welfare Bill, and a Wildlife Trafficking Ban, Bills Must Now Pass the House

The NH Senate unanimously passed SB 451 today, prohibiting the sale of the parts of endangered and threatened species in NH. This prohibition will provide NH law enforcement and officials the ability to more effectively and efficiently enforce a wildlife trafficking ban in our state, and help protect some of our nations most treasured and imperiled species.

SB 451 is of even greater importance given the US Fish and Wildlife Service's issuing of hunting permits for the importation of lion trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe, which took effect in October 2017, as well as the Trump administration's recent reversal on their decision to continue the ban of elephant imports, which will now be allowed on 'case-by-case' basis. The NH Senate also passed SB 569-FN, by a vote of 19-5. SB 569-FN will strengthen regulations of those in the business of breeding, selling, rescuing or sheltering animals, and enhance animal cruelty laws so that cruelties resulting in the severe bodily injury or death of an animal are considered a felony. It will also relieve NH taxpayers of the financial burden to cover the cost to care for animals seized as part of cruelty cases. Thank you to those who have reached out to your Senators, these votes today prove your advocacy makes a difference!

However, there is still much work left to be done, as both bills must now pass the House of Representatives.

SB 569-FN has an even more challenging road ahead, as the appropriations portion of the bill will be voted on by the Senate Finance Committee, and then it will return to the Senate floor once more, before moving on to the House. StraightTwist will follow up with additional details on today’s vote, amendments that have been added, and how to keep your advocacy coming!

I’m the meantime, you my check the Roll Call below to see how your Senator voted today on SB 569-FN (a yes vote indicates those who voted in support of the bill):


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