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SAVE NH BOBCAT: Submit A Comment to NH Fish & Game

Gus Strangeland

As we enter into this final stage of battle in support of the NH Bobcat, I could not be more proud of those who have been digging deep and fighting in opposition of the possible bobcat hunting/trapping season. There was an amazing turn out at the public hearings, where resident after resident with their own voices, spoke up to defend and protect the beautiful cats.

Although NH residents have shown the NH Fish & Game Commission that there will be a great deal of backlash if they continue on with the bobcat season, it certainly is possible that they will disregard the indisputable opposition by the majority, and do so regardless.

Public Comment Period

The NH Fish & Game will be accepting comments to review prior to deciding whether or not they will continue on with the proposal to allow the hunting, trapping, hounding and baiting of bobcats.

Comment Deadline: February 10, 2016

How To Submit A Comment

You may type out your own personal comments and send them to the NH Fish & Game via email (NH Residents only please).

  • Email To: Comments@wildlife.nh.govEmail

  • Subject Line: OPPOSED TO: Bobcat Season (Fis 303.05, Fis 303.051, Fis 303.052 and Fis 303.11)

  • Write Your Comments: Clearly state that you are opposed to the above rules and proposal and explain why.

  • Also Include: Your full name and Address (phone number optional)

Need more help or ideas?

You may read the Humane Society of the United States’ sample or submit your email via their link. Please keep in mind it is helpful to add your own thoughts or personal touch to your email so that the NH Fish & Game understands that you are not just “click happy” and that this really means something to you as a NH resident.

What are Trapping and Hounding?

Click here and scroll down to Quick Facts for details on the methods that would be used during the bobcat season.


To familiarize yourself with the actual proposal you may review the details here.

This is it folks, the battle is almost over. I truly hope we can put this one in the win column for all those who wish for NH to have high moral standards and to continue the protection of our cherished bobcat.

Cover Photo: Gus Strangeland


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