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US Committee Votes 'YES' on Horse Slaughter

On July 12th, the US House Appropriations Committee voted to reopen horse slaughter plants in the United States, not only undermining years of efforts to prevent this very outcome, but approving that US taxpayers spend millions on a torturously inhumane and unnecessary operation on US soil.

On horse slaughter plants, overworked and starved horses are forced into a 'kill box,' stunned, hung by the legs and butchered piece by piece. Often the first stun gun attempt is inaccurate, leading to multiple blows to the head or consciousness during slaughter.

Following the vote, Congressmen Blumenauer (Oregon) stated, “While some members of the Appropriations Committee may think it’s their job to roll back these common-sense safeguards, there is a strong bipartisan coalition in the House and Senate who agrees with the American public that horse slaughter must end. This isn’t over, and we will look for opportunities to reinstate the ban as the appropriations process continues.”

He was certainly correct about that - Although not yet a reinstatement of the ban, The Humane Society of the United States - New Hampshire shared that, U.S. Senator Udall (New Mexico) and Senator Graham (South Carolina) have drafted an amendment in an effort to fight back and take a stand for US horses and the taxpayers of our nation.

Deadline JULY 19th

1. New Hampshire Residents:

Call Senator Jeanne Shaheen and kindly urge her support.

Phone: 202-224-2841

(You will speak with a staff member)

Example: "Hello, I am (name) from, (your city) and I'm reaching out to prevent horse slaughter in the US, which will be an issue up for vote as part of the Agriculture Appropriations Bill in the Senate Appropriations Committee on July 20th. I kindly ask that Senator Shaheen vote YES on the Udall-Graham amendment to ensure horse slaughter plants are closed in the US."

2. All United States Residents:

Call your House Representative and urge them to support HR 113 - Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2017, which would ban horse slaughter for human consumption in the United States, as well as export for slaughter aboard.

Find Your House Representative Here

Find Current HR 133 Co-Sponsors Here

3. Calls Are Paramount, however, you may also urge support via this link.

Wednesday's vote was 27-25 - More Info and Roll Call Here

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