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VICTORY! House Rep. Withdraws Non-Germane Coyote Season Amendment

Chairman Web, of the House Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee, announced during the public hearing this morning that the amendment, 'relative to night hunting of coyotes', has been withdrawn by the sponsor.

The controversial proposal was attached as a non-germane amendment to HB 224-FN, a bill regarding non-resident hunting licenses for students, and would have expanded nighttime hunting on coyotes.

Who the sponsor was has remained unknown. However, Representative John Klose, who originally drafted the amendment, as well as Representative James Spillane were both not in attendance at the hearing today. Whether or not that has any connection to who the sponsor was, has yet to be confirmed.

Thanks to the quick action of residents, animal advocates and conservation organizations, who spoke out against the amendment, coyotes will not have to suffer an expanded night hunt season.

When NH residents come together, they truly can make a difference!

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