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VICTORY! Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Animal Legal Defense Fund

A Harris County judge dismissed a baseless lawsuit against the Animal Legal Defense Fund. The lawsuit was brought on by Landry's Inc. / Downtown Aquarium Inc. in an attempt to silence the Animal Legal Defense Fund's criticism of the company's cruel treatment of four white tigers that have been kept at Downtown Aquarium restaurant without fresh air or adequate access to sunlight for 12 years.

The judge also granted $450,000 in sanctions against Landry's to prevent future attempts by Landry's Inc. to censor free speech regarding their inhumane ways.

The message this judge has sent is clear: People are against the inhumane treatment of animals by Landry's Inc. - They have a lot to say about it, and they will Not be intimidated, censored, or silenced.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund will now move forward with a lawsuit against Landry's Inc. in accordance with the Endangered Species Act.

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