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VICTORY! Vancouver Bans Dolphin & Whale Captivity

On March 9, 2017, the Vancouver Park Board (Canada) voted unanimously to ban the captivity of dolphins, beluga whales, and other cetaceans for entertainment.

Although the Vancouver Aquarium, where two unexplained deaths of beluga whales occurred this past November, tried to claim that they have the marine mammals to rehabilitate them, the Vancouver Park Board wasn't buying it.

Not only have aquariums, such as Sea World, suffered a profit loss due to recent public acknowledgement that mammals do not belong in entertainment venues, but the Vancouver Aquarium's claims are outdated and do not reflect the latest science.

Animal rights activist and researcher, Peter Hamilton, pointed out that aquariums do not assist the cetaceans in building up their survival skills so that they could be released back into the wild, as a proper sanctuary with no intentions of exploitation would. Hamilton went on to state, “We can save wildlife by studying them in their natural habitat and protecting them in their natural habitat.”

We can only hope that our United States will follow in the Vancouver Park Board's intelligent and compassionate footsteps.

To Send A Thank You Email To The Vancouver Park Board, Click Here.

You may read more on the story here.


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