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How To Find Your House Representative - NH

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

A Video Tutorial Showing An Easy Way To Access A Consolidated List With The Voting Wards & Districts For Every Locality In New Hampshire, Find Out Who Your House Representative Is, Obtain their Contact Info, and Read Their Bio Page.

Please be sure to have your YouTube settings on HD so the images are clear.

Animal protection organizations and welfare groups often post action alerts advising us to contact our house representatives and urge them to vote in support or opposition of particular bills that have been introduced into the NH state Legislature.

Those alerts often come with a link to find out who your house representative is. Unfortunately, those links often lead to a list of every representative within an entire city, which is separated by wards and districts. If you don't know what your voting ward and districts are, then you are out of luck.

Currently, finding a consolidated list with all voting wards and districts for every city and town in New Hampshire is not easily found. The frustration of searching for that information can make advocates, who set out to simply help animals with a 5-minute phone call, want to throw their computers out the window.

That frustration is over. Straight Twist has created an article, providing a 'one-stop shop' where residents can find their voting wards and districts, as well as quick links to find out who their legislators are, along with their contact information.

The above video is a tutorial to show you how to access that article, and also how to find your house representative on the NH State Legislature's website, along with their contact information and biography page.

Please note, this tutorial includes desktop instructions only, as the recent revamp of the NH General Court website is not entirely mobile compatible. Please also be sure to have your YouTube settings on HD, or that you watch via the YouTube app if on a mobile device, so that the images are clear.

Below are the links used in the above video.

Straight Twist Logo, Animal Welfare


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