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What Is My Voting Ward & District? - NH

Electing legislators who share in our beliefs, and reaching out to them with our perspective, are two of the most impactful ways to ensure the implementation of laws that are important to us - including those that help safeguard animals. However, to do those things, we must know what our voting districts are. Additionally, if we live in a city that has wards, we must first know what ward we are in to determine our districts. Oddly enough, a consolidated list of that information is not necessarily easy to find. Therefore, Straight Twist has created the list of helpful links below, which provide each ward and voting district for every locality in New Hampshire. Once you know your voting districts, you can use that information to find out which candidates you may vote for, and which elected state legislators currently represent you.


Not all cities have wards. However, all those that do are listed below with links and instructions on how to find out which ward you live in. (Instructions are provided as opposed to the ward links directly to ensure you can locate the most updated information and the working links uploaded by the city.)


Follow this link and click on "Ward Map Information"


Follow this link and click on "Voting Ward Map (PDF) - 36x44"


Follow this link and click on "Ward Map with Polling Places"


Follow this link and click on "Franklin's Ward Map" or "Franklin's Street Listing with Ward #"


Follow this link, click on "Where Do I Vote?", then click on "Please 'click here' to view a City Ward Map."


Follow this link and click on "Voting Wards (PDF)"


Click here to search wards using your street name. You may also click on "Map of ward voting districts (PDF)" for the map.


Follow this link and click on "All Wards - Map"


Follow this link and click on "City Ward Map (PDF)" - Found in the center of the page.


Follow this link and look for street name/ward list and ward map links under "WHICH WARD DO I LIVE IN?"


Follow this link and look for street name/ward list and ward map links under "What voting ward do I live in and where do I vote?"


Follow this link and look for street name/ward list and ward map links under "How do I know what ward I am in to vote?"


All NH counties, towns, and cities have voting districts, which may differ depending on the type of election it is. Below are the NH district categories and the corresponding election type. There is no category for the US Senate, as each state in the nation is represented by two US Senators, regardless of voting districts.

Congressional District: US Congress, House of Representatives Senatorial District: New Hampshire State Senate Representative District: New Hampshire House of Representatives For example, if you live in Windsor and want to vote for a US House Representative, you would look for the congressional district in that town, which is district 2. If you lived in Windsor and wanted to vote for a local NH state senator, you would look up the senatorial district, which is district 8. If your city has wards, you will want to find out what ward you live in first (see 'Wards' above). For example, those who live in Nashua Ward 1 are in senatorial district 12 and representative district, Hillsborough 28. Those who live in Nashua Ward 6, are in senatorial district 13 and representative district, Hillsborough 33. You can find out what your voting districts are using the link below.

Finding Your Legislator

Now that you know your districts, you may find out who your current legislators are using the links below.

NH Senators: here

NH House Representatives: here

* NH Secretary of the State, 'Towns and Wards as Districted for Election Purposes,' 2015,, Last visited Jul. 20, 2020

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